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1st February

got up feeling very lively. Mass. walked miles to see Napoleans tomb, when we got there it was closed, (the tomb of course) but “Les Invalides” where it is. Lily awfully good, calls for me at 1.30, have a lovely long afternoon, get cakes + things for tea as Father MacCarthy’s coming, however he doesn’t turn up, so we eat it all ourselves!! play piano + talk till dinner, after leave for school, must be early to-night for once, arrive upstairs before others, get into bed + have a good read before going to sleep. Monday to-morrow, I hate Mondays!!! only 8 more after to-morrow. sleep before 10 o’clock.

2nd February

feel rotten this morning, always do Mondays, 3 days seem so long till Thursday, this thursday we have the whole day as it is the first thursday in the month, Lily said she would try + come for me at 9 or 9.30, it is good of her, + I am going to have my dinner there instead of Sunday to make a long day of it. nothings happened to-day, same lessons, same everything except a new pudding for dinner at least, a pan-cake and a huge plate of jam as well, really, the food is decent!! thank goodness to-days gone although I hate to-morrow as well. 60 more days.

3rd February

still feel miserably depressed, don’t know how I shall last out till Thursday, start or a least finish a long letter to Dad, do hope I have a letter from home this morning, yes! I do, a lovely one from Dad, what a blessing letters are! grand assembly in the “salle des fêtes” to give the girls their monthly ribbons for good work. when Madame la Directrice + the super Directrice enter all stand up + sing, as I thought a cheery welcome, but found out after it was a hymn of sorts!! so sick of to-day! thank goodness its over.

4th February

Had a night-mare all last night, ah! the miserable dreams, can’t think what made me have them. don’t feel quite so bad to-day, to-morrows nearly here thank everything thats good. practise + work all morning, paint all afternoon, quite expected a letter from someone to-day, however, did not get it. The girls take it in turns to fetch the plates of food at table + because I wont eat beans (theres always plenty of potatoe as well) the girl has to ask for Puree for me she gets furious + always keeps me waiting + chucks it at me when I do get it, how I wish I could speak french, I wouldn’t stand much of her source, however, I take no notice, but treat her with contempt!! usual evening twiddling thums + listening to Beery Nose cackling!! very pleased when the bell goes, get at least 10 hours peace!!!!!!!!

5th February

feel very gay waking up! have been looking forward to to-day for so long. late for premier dejeuner, so have it alone + eat heaps of bread + jam, quite enjoyed it! Lily awfully good! calls for me at 9.30. start off to have a ripping day. go with her to confession then for walk along Champs Elysées, home + read whilst Lily practises. have a lovely dejeuner laugh until feet quite ill, start out shopping 1.30 go to Lafayettes, walk back along Champs Elysées, crowds of people out all dressed in their best! have tea in Miss Frith’s room, heaps of lovely cakes! play piano + sing till dinner. feel rotten now, the days gone! Lily feels same. start for school 8’oclock. arrive 8.30, not late, say goodbye till Sunday, have had a lovely day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th February

Don’t feel so gay to-day, had such a lovely time yesterday! no letter from home. I did expect one, go through usual day, shall be delighted when to-night comes. reading a lovely book but must not dr read too much english now. Am doing some sort of leather work in the drawing class, it is quite pretty! shall do some more when I get home (Oh! joyful word!) mend gloves + talk till 8 oclock, go to bed with greatest pleasure! at that hour.

7th February

had awful nightmare, but do not mind because it is Saturday which means the end of another week! 8 weeks to-day we go home + 14 days to-day is the short one [?]: Oh! I am longing for it, there is to be a wonderful cani carnival in Paris, everyone turns out for it! have had a letter from Mr Abrahams to-day, was very pleased to receive it, hurrah! Father MacCarthy came to see me, talked to him for an hour + three quarters, have had a really nice day to-day! + Sunday tomorrow, like the prospect immensely, Lily + I must enjoy ourselves extra specially, do fancy work in evening retire 8.15pm.

8th February

get up 7-15. fel feel awful this morning, go to mass, + then for long walk, return + read. Lily comes at 2 o’clock, she feels rotten too, we make a bright pair. go to cinema in Boulevard St Michel, but feel too depressed to enjoy it much, come out 5 o’clock, near school so return early, Lily goes home to bed! neither of us had a very lively day, never mind, its one more gone! 54 more.!!!!!!!!!!!!