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5th February

feel very gay waking up! have been looking forward to to-day for so long. late for premier dejeuner, so have it alone + eat heaps of bread + jam, quite enjoyed it! Lily awfully good! calls for me at 9.30. start off to have a ripping day. go with her to confession then for walk along Champs Elysées, home + read whilst Lily practises. have a lovely dejeuner laugh until feet quite ill, start out shopping 1.30 go to Lafayettes, walk back along Champs Elysées, crowds of people out all dressed in their best! have tea in Miss Frith’s room, heaps of lovely cakes! play piano + sing till dinner. feel rotten now, the days gone! Lily feels same. start for school 8’oclock. arrive 8.30, not late, say goodbye till Sunday, have had a lovely day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Categories:  diary entry