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4th February

Had a night-mare all last night, ah! the miserable dreams, can’t think what made me have them. don’t feel quite so bad to-day, to-morrows nearly here thank everything thats good. practise + work all morning, paint all afternoon, quite expected a letter from someone to-day, however, did not get it. The girls take it in turns to fetch the plates of food at table + because I wont eat beans (theres always plenty of potatoe as well) the girl has to ask for Puree for me she gets furious + always keeps me waiting + chucks it at me when I do get it, how I wish I could speak french, I wouldn’t stand much of her source, however, I take no notice, but treat her with contempt!! usual evening twiddling thums + listening to Beery Nose cackling!! very pleased when the bell goes, get at least 10 hours peace!!!!!!!!

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