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Notes on School

Never been in such a large school before. Everything very nice. continually loosing myself along the passages. In a very nice class-room, each class has its own colors, mine is “one of many colors.”
Tremendous hall for study, but rather uncomfortable desks, at least, for “long-legged Liz:”! [?]
Very nice food, am fellu got use to it after a time, the refectory a tremendous room, leading out into the playground, at least one of them.
The practising rooms right at the top of the house, one could get quite thin climbing the stair if one were not so well fed!! some pianos very nice, others flat in the bass + in tune in the treble! sounds ensuing, to say the least of it, somewhat weird!!
Very nice studio on same floor, some of the things done bu by the girls simply beautiful!
Fête days seem to be the most weird affairs, one class gives it to another, the “it” being a kind of glorified mother’s meeting with an ounce of sweets divided between some 40 girls.
Notice of the school’s removerel [?] has been given out, should think a few carpets in the next place would not be unacceptable!!
The food is splendid but takes one a little while to get use to, also comfortable beds that do not take one long to get use to!!
The building is built in a square with a large court-yard in the middle, owing to the scarcity of ground, this way of building, for some unknown

2. NotesonSchool2

reason is more satisfactory, most of the large buildings such as offices, museums etc are built after this style.
The gymnasium somewhat resembles a hen-coop! I don’t think they’ve much idea of this kind of thing.
The chapel is very pretty, but frightfully overheated, + the benches none to comfortable, a small organ, worked in the old-fashioned-style, by the feet, sends out weird sounds assisted by the old fat french woman al Mdlle who puffs and blows in time to the music + makes one feel quite hot!!!
On account of the government + this school belonging to the Convent next door, as far as I can make out it has had “orders to quit” otherwise the nuns from next door will fair badly, the new school is neal nearer civilisation (ie: it takes a good half an hour from here to any decent shops + people) + is to be much smaller, only taking day-girls at present, I don’t know whats going to become of me! I only hope + trust I am at home!!!!
On fête days we go to mass twice or once a day wearing long white veils (on other days we wear black veils) + all looking most bridal-like, I only go to mass, Sundays + fête -days.
They seem to have a good many holidays here. I mean 1 day holidays + 3 days holidays, there are 3 days. the beginning of lent, nearly everyone goes out to sleep, + the first Thursday in every month we have the whole day holiday, not as usual, from 11.30, many go Wednesday night + return Friday morning, also Saturday night + return Monday morning.