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© Rob McGibbon, 2013

2nd January

Wake up early.  Rather funny feeling!  Ah! Paris today, that accounts for it. Much rushing + hurrying by Dad + Peggs, leave at last amidst luggage + Eileens’ [sic] tears. Snow very thick between Paris Margate + Dover. Slip most of the way! Board the boat, luckily am not ill, Peggs [her stepmother] not sure – but decides to spare us. Arrive Calais 2  o’clock, feeling peckish! No luck, can’t speak French! Awful muddle with luggage! Get in train with lunch basket + pheasant-faced Froggie, argue with him about seats! Settled at last. Arrive Paris, more bother with luggage, get a taxi who does us for a few francs before at last throwing us out at the Grand Hotel.