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23rd February

Olive has been profoundly affected by her ordeal. She tells her father that she wants to be baptised into the Catholic faith and asks for his permission. She has been surrounded by so much prayer during her illness, from the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion and Father MacCarthy, to her dear friend Lily and her beloved step-mother Peggs.

Thomas gives his blessing and it is agreed that the ceremony will be held at a future date when Olive is fully well.

People across Paris are preparing for elaborate celebrations to mark the beginning of Lent.

7th February… had awful nightmare, but do not mind because it is Saturday which means the end of another week! 8 weeks today we go home + 14 days today is the short one. Oh! I am longing for it, there is to be a wonderful carnival in Paris, everyone turns out for it! have had a letter from Mr Abrahams today, was very pleased to receive it. Hurrah!  Father MacCarthy came to see me, talked to him for an hour + three quarters, have had a really nice day today! + Sunday tomorrow, like the prospect immensely, Lily + I must enjoy ourselves extra specially, do fancy work in evening retire 8.15pm.