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29th January

hurrah! its thursday, the weeks don’t go so slowly considering all things!!! do hope Lilys early, then can have a nice long day! work till 11.30 Lily arrives 11.45, start for No.10 with very light heart, somethings happened on the Metro, cant find out though, have lovely dejeuner + start out shopping, go to Printemps + Galleries Lafayette laugh in the latter fit to kill a pig, stay there for the most lovely tea, eat till I make myself feel as ill as possible, roll out with Lily + continue shopping feel better in the air, start for school 5.30, had a lovely day, arrange to meet Sunday, spend usual evening in school, bed 8.15. 65 days yet.

30th January

rise 7.15, dont feel over grand. write a long letter to Peggs in the morning, longing to have an answer to dad’s. usual lessons + walk in the Luxembourg, getting dead sick of those wretched gardens! read french all the afternoon, prepare homework for Mlle Teillard in the evening, also write diary, to-day has been vey slow, same old thing hour after hour, go to bed at 8 o’clock to-night as it is Friday + we have to do our linen, rather pleased, bed’s the best place nowadays. undress quickly, read + eat in bed. made a mistake in the days, believe there are only 63 more!!

31st January

Another week gone! hurrah! only 9 more, thats not so bad, 2 letters from Peggs Oh! the joy, but so sorry she’s not very well, how I wish I were at home + not stuck miles away from helping anyone!! good news of the holiday, can go with Lily! Oh! I ought to be happy with everything so nice! + so an I am really! except that I would give anything to have Dad + Peggs! music-lesson, how I loathe them in this place, + the old girl too, she’s no idea of playing! anyhow! Easter wont be long now its the last day of January, I could shout, I’m so pleased!!hares and rabbits tonight. hope I get a present this month. 62 more days!!!!!